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Skill Builder: Counting Down the Miles

Issue #5

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Interstate highways are used by millions of cars and trucks every day. People use highways to travel between cities and states. Some of the main interstate highways in Michigan are I-94, I-69, I-75, and I-96. The “I” stands for interstate.

Small numbered signs, like the picture on the right, are placed on the side of the highways. Those signs mark each mile of an interstate highway. 

People can travel faster on interstate highways because there are no traffic lights or stop signs. If drivers need to get off the highway, they have to use an exit. In Michigan, exit numbers are based on the mile markers. 

Numbering exits that way helps people know how many miles they have to travel. For example, a driver knows that she is going to use Exit 102 to leave the highway. She just passed a mile marker sign that read 100. She now knows she has two miles to go before she needs to exit.

The next time you are on an interstate highway, pay attention to the mile markers and exits. You can use that information to help the driver find his or her way.

milemarker sign with the number 32

section of road map with some questions