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Michigan History Alliance®

A statewide program that helps our member organizations preserve and promote history.

Michigan History Alliance®

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Join us for networking sessions tailored for our member historical organizations across the state. 

Tune in to our seasonal sessions with HSM Director of History Programming Bob Myers to share the successes, near-misses, helpful hints, challenges and concerns, and more that happen within the historical organization and museum community. In addition to the informal networking meeting, a featured speaker offers insights on topics of concern or opportunity in a special workshop session.

Alliance member organizations from anywhere in the state are welcome to join us. Attendance at a Michigan History Alliance® Virtual Meeting is FREE for current member organizations of HSM. Since the Alliance is a benefit for HSM member organizations, membership is required for participation.

The Michigan History Alliance® Grant Program

Are you a small- to medium-sized HSM member organization? Apply for our new Michigan History Alliance® Grant program today!

The grants are intended to provide funding for small- to medium-size history organizations in Michigan through straightforward applications and reporting. Many grant programs require extensive preparation and reporting—so much so that smaller organizations have little realistic chance of seeing their proposals funded because they are competing with larger organizations with professional staffs of experienced grant writers. Moreover, many grant programs focus their funding on large, new programs, whereas smaller organizations often need money for more basic needs. Applying for an MHA Grant should be simple enough that a volunteer can write it in a couple of hours.

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We look forward to seeing you at one of our next Alliance meetings!

Upcoming Alliance Meetings

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Milestone award and recipients for Detroit Public Library

The Michigan History Alliance® is a statewide program of the Historical Society of Michigan that helps our member organizations preserve and promote history by providing training for their staff and volunteers, fostering collaboration, and sharing information and best practices.

The Historical Society of Michigan hosts alliance meetings at least five times a year to bring together representatives from HSM member historical organizations in several counties. The Alliance meetings take place in the morning from 10 a.m. to noon and consist of a networking session and a featured speaker. The speaker offers insights on a topic of concern or opportunity, and the networking and collaboration portion allows for conversations among member historical organizations.

Attendance at a Michigan History Alliance® meeting is FREE of charge for current member organizations of HSM. Since the Alliance is a benefit for HSM member organizations, membership is required for participation.

For more information about the program, call (800) 692-1828 or email

Not an HSM member organization?

Learn how your historical organization can become an HSM member and receive benefits tailored to your organization, including seasonal Michigan History Alliance meetings, inclusion in the statewide Historic Michigan Travel Guide, highlights in Chronicle and Michigan History magazines, and more. 

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We're here to help! Reach out to our staff today at or by calling (517) 324-1828.