The Michigan Centennial Farm Association seeks to promote and preserve the history of Michigan agriculture and the history of local communities.

The MCFA works closely with several Preservation Organizations including:

Historical Society of Michigan

The Historical Society of Michigan (HSM), the state’s oldest cultural organization, helps to connect Michigan’s past to students, educators, historical organizations and the public through education programs, conferences, publications, awards, workshops, referral services, networking opportunities, and support for local history organizations.

Established in 1828, the Historical Society of Michigan is a member supported educational 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. It receives no support for operations from any level of government.

Beginning in 2015, the Historical Society of Michigan and the Michigan Centennial Farm Association announced a new, joint-member partnership. For more information on membership, visit our membership page.

Michigan Archaeology Society

The Michigan Archaeology Society is a group of professional archaeologists, amateur archaeologists, history buffs, and many people from various backgrounds who are interested in knowing how we got to this point in history. Everyone from newcomer to senior professional is encouraged to share his opinions and experiences. Through the MAS, professionals are offered a chance to report on present research and new ideas. Amateurs can acquire knowledge from both professionals and their peers, as well as learn about new opportunities for fieldwork. MAS meetings and publications offer all members a heightened familiarity with and appreciation for the past, what it means to us now, and an enthusiasm to share this knowledge with others. For more information on the Michigan Archaeological Society, please visit their website.

Michigan Barn Preservation Network

The Michigan Barn Preservation Network is a state-wide organization of barn owners committed to the rehabilitation of barns for commercial, residential, and public uses. It hosts an Annual Conference and publishes a Newsletter. For more information, on the Michigan Barn Preservation Network please visit their website.

Centennial Farm Owners of Southern Michigan

A group of Centennial Farm families in Southern Michigan. Gatherings are generally held in October.

Centennial Farm Owners of Western Michigan

A group of Centennial Families in Western Michigan. This group often maintains a booth detailing the history of area Centennial Farms at many area events. For information, please contact

The Michigan Centennial Farm Association encourages any organization supporting the preservation of agriculture, that would like to be listed on this page to contact Becky Ten Brink,  at