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Issue #5 - Finding Your Way

Michigan History for Kids Magazine Cover Issue 5
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This issue of Michigan History for Kids is called “Finding Your Way.” The stories in this issue are about the tools that help guide people when they travel from one place to another. Some tools are found in nature. The stars in the sky or trees bent in special ways show people where to go. Tools such as maps and compasses have been used by travelers for hundreds of years. Signs along the road also help people find their way. Lighthouses warn of danger and let you know where you are. People and animals act as guides to lead the way. Sometimes those guides can even save a life. We hope that the stories and activities in this issue make you want to go outside to explore your world. Enjoy!

Activities in this Issue

Good Read: Exploring Michigan: Great Lakes State

MHK Good Read - Michigan Great Lakes State

Place to Visit: Bonine House

bonine house

George Dolarson: A Real Caretaker

black and white photo of a business

Junior Historian: Maps—A Changing Art

drawing of 4 men in a canoe

Michigan Profile: Meet Frances Marshall, Lighthouse Keeper

photo of frances marshall

A Leader With Four Legs

black and white photo of people with guide dogs

Lighthouses: "Soldiers" on the Shores

big sable point light

Michigan Item: Lodestone—The First Compass

a lodestone with nails attached to it

Early Tools That Led the Way

photo of old compass in a special case

Skill Builder: Counting Down the Miles

milemarker sign with the number 32

The Land of the Crooked Tree

black and white photo of kids playing on a bent tree

Voices of Freedom Activity

Ladies of the Light

profile photo of anna garraty