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Issue #4 - Michigan Goes to War

Michigan History for Kids Magazine Cover Issue 4
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The stories in this issue of Michigan History for Kids are about how people deal with conflicts. A conflict is when people fight over something. Some conflicts are between a few people. Other conflicts involve many people or countries from all over the world. Those big conflicts are called wars. Life is very hard for people during war. Many soldiers (sohl-jurs) who are sent to fight are hurt or killed. People during wartime have to make tough choices. And, sometimes during war, people don’t always treat each other fairly. Learning about conflicts in the past helps you deal with conflicts in the present. The lives of people in Michigan have been changed by war for a long time. Within these pages you will learn about some of those brave people.

Activities in this Issue

Good Read: Robert Henry Hendershot

MHK Good Read - Brave Kids

Place to Visit: Mackinac State Historic Parks

Mackinac State Historic Park

A Rose Garden for WWII’s Japanese Americans

5 men speaking under pipes in a greenhouse

Junior Historian: Journals—Writing to Remember

william manning headshot in uniform

Michigan Profile: Meet Julia Silk, a Civil War Mom

photo of julia silk

Anishnaabek Ogichiddak: Native Warriors

photo of a wooden carving of Odawa warriors in a canoe

The Toledo War: A Fight Between Neighbors

county map showing disputed Toledo Strip

Michigan Item: Heavy Metal Rocks

top picture is iron ore, bottom picture is a Civil War ironclad

Fighting for Freedom

portrait shot of a man dressed as a Civil War soldier

Skill Builder: Learning from Numbers

data table

Raising the White Flag: The Surrender of Fort Mackinac

Seth Eastman painting of Mackinac Island from 1872

Michigan at War

screenshot from Michigan at War activity