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Issue #3 - Learning our ABCs

Michigan History for Kids Issue 03
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This issue of Michigan History for Kids magazine is about how people learn, both in school and out of school. The way people learn, along with what they learn, is an important part of any culture (cul-chur). Culture is a way of life that a group of people share. Some of the stories in this issue describe how people learned a long time ago. Other stories share examples of the chances, or opportunities (ah-poor-too-nih-tees), education (eh-juh-kay-shun) gives to people. One story explains how some schools were created to force people to change their culture. You will also read about interesting people who used education to make a difference in their lives or the lives of others. My friends and I have found games, questions, puzzles, and pictures to help you build thinking skills. We hope you never stop learning!

Activities in this Issue

Good Read: M is for Mitten: A Michigan Alphabet

MHK Good Read - M is for Mitten

Place to Visit: Traprock Valley Schoolhouse


Forced to Fit In: Indian Boarding Schools

black and white photo of girls of different ages on the steps of a building

Junior Historian: One-Room Schools

Drawing of a turtle standing up and pointing

Michigan Profile: Meet Stephen Morgan

photo of Stephen Morgan

Gabriel Richard: A Father of Education in Detroit

black and white drawing of Father Gabriel Richard

Hands-On Education: How Tribal Children Learned Before American Schools

two women and a man creating native crafts

Michigan Item: Year-Round School

school of yellow perch

Sharing Culture Through Dance

three girls in costume

Skill Builder: Mapping Out the Answers

compass rose points

Learning to Save Lives

black and white photo of Michele Jenkin in nurse cap