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Issue #2 - Underground Treasures

Michigan History for Kids Magazine Cover Issue 2
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The stories in this Michigan History for Kids tell about the history of some of the natural resources (natch-er-ul ree-sor-ses) found in Michigan. A natural resource is an item that is found in nature and can be used by people or animals when needed. This issue talks about natural resources that are under the ground. That is why it is called “Underground (un-der-ground) Treasures.” The resources in these stories can still be found today, but maybe not as much. Michigan has many natural resources, too many to cover in one issue of this magazine. So my friends and I will tell you about a few of them. Later on, we will tell you about more natural resources in other issues. We have found a lot of stories, pictures, questions, and games that will help you learn. Enjoy!

Activities in this Issue

Good Read: Holly Wild: Questpedition for da Yooper Stone!

MHK Good Read - Questpedition

Place to Visit: Crocker House Museum

Crocker House

There Is Copper in Those Rocks!

copper vein in rock next to a wrist watch for scale

Junior Historian: Finders Keepers? Not Always!

two boys digging in a dirt field

Michigan Profile: Meet Douglass Houghton

color painting of Douglas Houghton

Henry Lightbourne: Bath House Owner

Black and white photo of Lightbourne and equipment

The Copper Country’s Chinese

black and white photo ofthree Chinese men in hats and suits

Michigan Item: Part of Something Big

piece of gypsum that is red, green, and white

The Doctor Said Take a Bath!

black and white photo of alice howard sitting at a table

Skill Builder: A Time Line for Underground Treasures

timeline from 1800 to 2000

The Salty Mitten

chunk of rock salt