The Chesterfield Township Historical Society was founded in 1993 for the purpose of preserving the history of Chesterfield Township.

On September 23, 2006 we held the grand opening of the Chesterfield Township Historical Village.  It was very happy and proud moment for us and the culmination of many years of hard work by our members.  At present we have a one room schoolhouse, log cabin, cobbler shop and blacksmith shop.  In 1996 the Odrobina family donated the Weller one room schoolhouse, which was located on Gratiot and 22 Mile Roads to the Historical Society.  Available records for the school date back to 1862.  Classes were taught continuously in that school until 1954.  The school and the outhouse were moved to the Village site in August 1996.  The Society has been able to offer the school for use by scout groups for merit badge completion.  We would like to offer the school building for use to various area school districts to give students a living history lesson about life in a one room schoolhouse.  We have built an annex onto the school for a furnace, restroom and storage.  The outhouse from the school has been rebuilt and stands alongside the school building.

In April of 2005 the Historical Society moved a log cabin from its location in an undeveloped Washington Township woods to its present home in the Historic Village.  We have spent many hours restoring the interior and exterior of the log cabin.  Some period furnishings have been donated by local residents.  Along with the log cabin we also acquired a pump house and a very unusual spiral shaped outhouse.

In August 2006 the Historical Society moved two buildings from the former property of Bernard and Ceola  Trinity (two of the first major historians of Chesterfield Township).  The buildings are being restored and will be used in the Village as a cobbler shop and blacksmith shop, two businesses prevalent in early villages of this area.  We also acquired the forge for the blacksmith shop.

In the future we would like to have a church, a farm house, barn, general store and any other buildings that would fit into our village life.

Contact Information
Email: Chesterfieldhistory@yahoo.com
Township voicemail: 586-949-0900 ext. 6499