Ada Current is a production of the Ada Historical Society where we preserve, share and celebrate the unique history of Ada, Michigan. Download the flyer for the program.

Over the years, we have collected oral stories from families who called Ada home. They ran through the dusty streets and raced down Ada Drive on their sleds. They swam above the dam and cleaned up just in time for church at Ada Congregational. And they worked hard, on the farms and in the local shops in town until Saturday night when they danced til dawn at the Ada Hotel.

Listen in on their stories, and hear current reflections about Ada today through featured conversations with special guests.

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Leonard Field. We hear from Jim Heemstra about the community wide effort to build Leonard Field. Then we talk with Mark Fitzpatrick, the current Director of Parks for Ada Township about what’s to come for Leonard Field.

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Gathering Places. We hear from Penni Zurgable about her passion and effort to bring a library to Ada Village. And Elenore Washburn shares her oral history about Ada Congregational Church.