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Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission includes sharing and promoting the stories of all of Michigan's peoples.

The Historical Society of Michigan on Diversity and Inclusion

The Historical Society of Michigan values the heritage of people of varied cultures, races, religions, abilities, identities, and ethnicities in our state. Relevant history is inclusive history, and it must include the stories of historically marginalized peoples.

State and local history is about sharing the stories of individuals and communities and providing historical context. Immigrants and cultural exchange have always been vital to Michigan. Our organizational members help people understand that history, see the present more clearly, and make better decisions in the future.

The Historical Society of Michigan demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion in a variety of ways, including an ongoing commitment to a diverse Board of Trustees; equitable hiring practices for HSM staff; sharing the stories of historically marginalized peoples; and a commitment to diversity in the content of our publications, conferences, and other programming.

Chronicle, Michigan History, and The Michigan Historical Review

HSM's dedication to diversity in our publications and programs

With a mission to preserve and share the stories of all of Michigan's peoples, be they from communities of color or from marginalized groups or other, our HSM Publications and various programming highlight stories from a multitude of diverse voices. Michigan History and Chronicle magazines highlight individuals, communities, and more while our programming and conferences aim to tell diverse histories through engaging storytelling. 

Learn more about our magazines, programs, and more throughout our site and enjoy the diverse stories within today. 


Reach out to our staff today via our Contact Form or by calling (800) 692-1828.