Thank You

Flowers at the farm.Thank you to White Lake Township, the White Lake Township Library,  Cobblestone Home Questers, North Oakland County Storytellers, Ruggles Plants & Produce at Fisk Farm, and the White Lake community for their continuous support.

Rewards Programs
Kroger Community Rewards

DAR Special Projects Grant
Many thanks to DAR for the Fisk Barn Repair and Restoration Project on May 1, 2018.  Funding for this project was made possible through the sponsorship of Lydia Barnes Potter Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.

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Christmas Open House 2017
Larry Ballard, Cass Connolly, Phil Dannewitz, Guy LaRouche, Terry Matthews and Chief Pontiac Programs Committee

Fisk Farm Halloween 2017
Brilliant Systems LLC (Lennard Gumaer), Jason Iacoangeli, Highland Automotive Repair & Tire Center, Wee Discover Child Care & Enrichment Center, White Lake Twp. Parks & Rec Committee

32nd Annual Kelley-Fisk Farm Festival
Leo’s Coney Island, Absopure, General RV Center, Home Depot, Intrastate Distributors, Meijer, WalMart Applebee’s, Billy’s Tip N’ Inn, Century Bowl, Culver’s of Waterford,
Dairy Queen White Lake, Dave & Amy’s, Graceland Wine Shoppe, Highland House,
Jet’s Pizza, Painted Horse, Sunshine Plants, White Lake Brunch, White Lake Inn,
White Lake Square Barbers, Your Fit Club, Boy Scout Troop #113,
Ruggles Plants & Produce, White Lake Twp. Library,
White Lake Twp. Police and Fire Depts., Art of Dance, Bold O’Donohughs,
Country Kickers, Guy & Ana LaRouche, Modern Messages Dance Company,
Porta Potty Pickers, Shane Gang, String Theory, K. Styes & D. Rowland

Business Sponsor 2016
Walmart Foundation Community Giving, Walmart Store #2700, White Lake Twp.

 Business Members 2016
D.A.M. Taxes, LLC
Dr. LeVasseur, LeVasseur Dental Care
Strawberry Fields Elderly Care Home

 Field Trip Sponsor 2016
David Campbell, DDS

Fisk Farm Haunting 2016
Brilliant Systems LLC (Lennard Gumaer), Cast Iron Cooking Club, Jack and Maggie Ferguson, Flowers of the Lakes, Highland Automotive Repair & Tire Center,Wee Discover Child Care, White Lake Community Coalition and White Lake Twp. Parks & Rec Committee (Jason Iacoangeli).

31st Annual Kelley-Fisk Farm Festival
WalMart, Leo’s Coney Island, Absopure, General RV Center, Flagstar,
Intrastate Distributors, Applebee’s, Billy’s Tip N Inn, Century Bowl, White Lake Dairy Queen, Dave & Amy’s, Dave’s Coney Island, Discount Tire, Flowers of the Lakes,
Graceland Wine Shoppe, Great Clips, Green Apple Restaurant, Hair Chase,
Highland House, Jet’s Pizza, Sunshine Plants, Tropical Distributors, White
Lake Inn, White Lake Square Barbers, Your Fit Club.
Boy Scout Troop #113, Chief Pontiac Programs Committee, North Oakland
County Storytellers, Ruggles Plants + Produce. Scott Rulando, Mona Sevic,
Hank Woods

String Theory, The Art of Dance, Country Kickers, Bold O’Donahughs (Guy LaRouche),
Strokes and Jams (also Guy LaRouche), Ana LaRouche, Porta Potty Pickers (Cass Connolly), Larry Ballard, Roger Harvart

Thompson One-Room School
In 1995 the Thompson One-Room School, originally built on the Thompson Farm by Bogie Lake and Cedar Island Roads before being purchased by Huron Valley Schools and moved to Milford, was dismantled and moved back to White Lake Twp. to the Fisk Farm Property where it was rebuilt. The grand opening was held May 16, 2004. Thank you to the following for undertaking such a big job to preserve an important piece of White Lake Twp. history.

In-Kind Donations:
Brian Bismack (Eagle Scout project), Don Brecht, Forrest J. Brendel, Jay Brendel, C & C Poured Walls, C & G Cement Contractors, C.R. Construction, Ltd., Consumers Energy (Bill Garvey), Creative Stone, John Drouillard, Jerry Eagle, F & J Heating (Fred Hiller, Jeff Barber), Glass Block Sales, Greg Hall (Eagle Scout project), Harvey Hedlund, Dick Kelly, Kenrick Corp., Dick Kowall, Joe LaFlamme, Oxbowindo (Todd & Bob Burmeister), Carl
Pardon, Powell & Associates, Pro-Crete (Doug Bohn), Andy Reed, S & J Tech, Inc. (Chris VanGordon), Norm Schlappi, John Schnitker, Soltis Plastic, John Stewart, Stone’s Builder’s Supply, Vaughn’s Flooring (Rob McIntosh) Dismantling (October 1995): Jim, Dale & Mike Thompson, Bill Garvey, Ron Hinman, Phil Wooledge, Ron Voorheis, Jeff & Marge Sawruk

Reconstruction Committee (December 1995):
Chair Marge Sawruk, Barb Fitzpatrick, Marie Hewitt, Ron Hinman, Charlie Hopkins & Jim Thompson Construction Preparation (September 1996): Jim Thompson, Gary Melton, Buzz Newton, Ron Hinman, Glen Marble, Larry Kasper, Ron Voorheis, Otis Waldrop, Charlie Hopkins, John Sawruk Jr., Marie Hewitt, Bill Lemaster, Darlene Waldrop. Construction (September 1996): Manager Charles Spoor, Mary French, Harvey Hedlund, Sharon Bigelow, Sally Witt, Mark Hall, Joseph Fugedi, Terry Houston, Ronald Shepherd, Frank Green, Dennis & Barb Fitzpatrick, Vaun Walton, John Sawruk, Jr.
Roofing: S.J. Tech Inc., Chris VanGordon Gary Melton, Glenn Marble, Marie Hewitt, Mike Thompson, Diane Potter, Mary Jo Houston Registration: Bev Spoor School Raising (October 1996): Breakfast: Alice Barringer, Marge Sawruk & Cobblestone Questers Construction: Chuck and Paul Spoor Crew: James Thompson, Ron Hinman, Ron Voorheis, Bonnie Elliot, Melissa Schmantowsky, Darlene & Otis Waldrop, Lynn Marble.