Below are several different accounts and recollections from the White Lake area. There are several topics that all relate to the buildings and events that are currently preserved and run by the White Lake Historical Society.

Kelley-Fisk Farm House

Kelley-Fisk Farm House

Springtime on the Farm

Christmas at the Fisk House

Touring the Farm House

Thompson One-Room School

Thompson One-Room School Grand Opening

Thompson One-Room School

Ormond Farm and Family

Ormond Farm Story

Postcard 1

Postcard 2

White Lake Remembered

The One Room School

Christmas Past

Christmas Memories of Darlene Waldrop

Homemaker Club

Barrys Dance Hall

Civilian Defense

19th Century Home Styles

White Lake Township Officials

Burt McKeachie

White Lake Inn

White Lake Inn Advertisement from June 24, 1949, The Pontiac Daily Press

White Lake Township Library


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