About Us

Marilla Historical Society Board meetings are held the first Thursday of each month beginning at 6:30 at the Marilla Township Hall and Community Center. Please call for verification if you plan to attend.

The Marilla Historical Society was  formed in 1980 in order to preserve and celebrate Marilla Township’s pioneering traditions rooted in agriculture and logging. The mission of the Society is to bring history alive through all of our programming.  We want to entice people to want to learn more and to come back to visit.

One of our goals is to provide and maintain an archives for research.  Another goal of the society is to use the collections to educate the public about how the early pioneers developed a community to meet the needs of its citizens.  We believe that Marilla’s model is very exemplary of how many of Michigan’s rural communities have evolved.  We have developed a fine rural museum open to the public for tours, events,  and educational pioneer workshops.

We are community volunteers through the “Adopt a Road” program in Manistee County.  We clear trash regularly from an 8 mile stretch of local roads.

Another goal for our group is to provide an educational link to area schools to help them meet the benchmark requirements for social studies relating to Michigan history.  We also provide opportunities for working across other curriculum areas with “being there” experiences.  We have provided many “Pioneer Workshops” to area elementary students and welcome their visits.